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Hey there! Yes you! Now that I got you to click on this article, you’re now wondering why you came across this random, mediocre and cliche article about life that talks about “why you need to reach for your dreams drama”.

Well, it’s going to be like that but not all of it, but hey, just hear me out first, you’re probably just gonna check your Facebook  or Instagram accounts and swipe your way up looking for something interesting. I bet you’re going to  click that like button on that recently uploaded picture of a random friend whom you haven’t even met in person. So yeah, why not waste your time reading this since you’ve already read the second paragraph. Try to hear me out just a little bit and listen to my mediocre and cliche’ article about life.

Now, what I want to talk about is life of course, since the whole title up there says it. But specifically, I want to focus about the travels of life and why everyone does it.

A lot of people think that traveling is only limited to vacations, tours, safari adventures and summer getaways, but you may not be aware of it, you’re already traveling right now. Your whole life has been a traveling experience, a journey, an adventure, or a watchamacallit.

You’ve been traveling since the day your mom dropped you off for the first time at school not knowing what your teachers and classmates are going to be like. You’ve been traveling since you first entered high school and all confused trying to fit in. You’ve been traveling since you graduated college wondering if you chose the right career path. You’ve been traveling since you first had kids feeling unsure if you’re going to be the perfect example for them. You’ve been traveling since you got your retirement pay but still skeptical if you’ve lived your life to the fullest.

Yes, every person in this world travels and each one has a reason why. However, there’s one ultimate reason why everyone travels. The greatest minds, travelers , inventors, and innovators of all-time all traveled at one point and all have one common reason.

What’s the essence of life? Why are we here? What am I doing with my life? All of us have asked similar questions like these at one point in our lives. Why do we ask these questions in the first place?

Now you see what I’m trying to do here. I’ve written a long introduction with a somehow constructive, artistic and sensitive approach leading you to just one thing that I want to tell you which I could’ve just divulged in the first place. Yeah, I kinda wasted your time there but it would take away the suspense if said it right away. So what I wanna say is that “Everyone travels to find purpose.” We ask different questions about life but all of it leads to one answer and that’s purpose and this very purpose makes life so much meaningful.

When life becomes meaningful, everything falls perfectly into place and that everything’s gonna be just fine. It’s like that feeling when you really need to use a public restroom and you see a shimmering shining roll of toilet paper. Or that moment when your boss says those sweet and harmonious words sung by a choir of angels, “you’re getting that raise” (I’m personally hoping for this one to happen to me)

Anyways, we travel to find purpose right? But traveling doesn’t only mean going from point A to point B because if we just do that, I can assure you, you’ll find an empty treasure box when you’re done with your journey. When we travel, we……


…Explore the Unknown

Look at Marco Polo for instance, one of the most famous travelers in history who traveled to the different continents of the world. He didn’t know what was out there but you can see that he stood in the presence of Kublai Khan, one of the greatest leaders in Mongolia, and became a special envoy to him. Who would have thought a young man coming from a family of jewel merchants would break cultural barriers between countries.

Each of us can be Marco Polos of our own where we could venture out and explore the uncertainties of life. You may(like Dora) or may not have a map as you travel in your journey but that’s the beauty of exploring because “the mystery of the unknown keeps the searching soul alive.” Our soul must never stop exploring until we……….

…Discover to Share

Let’s now talk about Buddha and for all those people who don’t know this guy, he’s a spiritual leader who reached nirvana or a state of enlightenment. He’s one of the best there is to be simple. So before Buddha became “The Buddha,” he was a prince who was sheltered from the realities of human society who later sought and explored to find a way to remove suffering from the world.

Through constant seeking and meditation, he discovered a way to reach a state of enlightenment. With his new discovery, he first thought that it was nearly impossible to teach his discovery through words. However, he was convinced by his god to share it to others.

As we explore the uncertainties of life and along the way discover success, we need to be like Buddha who shared his success to other people. “Discovered success is without value if kept to one’s self”. Try to picture out an inventor who discovered a new invention but kept it from the rest of the world. We should continuously strive to share our discoveries of success with others and then we should…

…Understand to Break Through

We need to understand our discoveries to break through. Our discoveries would just remain a discovery if we don’t do anything about it. Let’s look for another reference and let’s take Isaac Newton for instance. Okay, so he discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head and he shared it to others. But what do you think could’ve happened if they didn’t continue to learn more and understand gravity?

If Newton and his colleagues didn’t pushed themselves to understand how gravity works, we wouldn’t have breakthroughs in science like knowing about planetary orbits and that the moon revolved around the earth. It would probably lower the probability of Neil Armstrong reaching the moon.

When you discover success in your life, learn more about it. “A continuous desire to understand breaks the strongest of walls.” The more we strive to learn and understand things, we break barriers and develop a sense of purpose on why we are traveling life in the first place.

Each one of us maybe in the different stages of our journey so whether your still exploring, discovering or understanding, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you’ll end up finding your purpose in life. Purpose makes life meaningful and it makes the path clearer leading you to your final destination. It makes your travels worth finishing despite the harsh paths and trails.

Now that you’ve read my lengthy blog, here’s a not-so-catchy and not-so-deep phrase that I personally made just for you. You’ve probably won’t remember everything that I’ve said, that’s for sure, so here are simple and wise words for you to live by.
“We Experience, Discover and Understand to find purpose.”


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