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Mt. Napulak Travel Guide: Things To Know Before You Go

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Hello there, so basically this is the continuation of the blog that I wrote about previously. Listed here are the costs, stuff to bring, and other important things to take note of.

Getting There/Travel Expenses

1. Iloilo City(Mohon Terminal/Iloilo Supermarket) to Igbaras Police Station and Back- P100.00/head
You can take a jeepney going to Igbaras town proper either at the Iloilo Supermarket or at Mohon Terminal. The first trip is usually at 6 AM in the morning and it takes about 40 minutes going to the town proper. Tell your driver to drop you off at the police station which is behind the municipal hall.

2. Igbaras Police Station to Brgy.Bagay and Back-P200.00/head

Once you arrive at the police station, make sure that you log in(you also have to log out when going home). From there, take a motorcycle going to Brgy. Bagay which is the nearest barangay to Mt. Napulak.

3Log In And Pay The Entrance Fee At The Brgy.Captain’s House-P20.00/head

You should pay a small amount once you get to Bagay and it’s only a one time fee.

 4Tour Guide- P700.00 for 6-7 people

If it’s an overnight trip, additional fees incur but it’s also negotiable. Basically, it’s all up to you how much you’re going to tip your guide.


Tent/Sleeping Stuff– If you’re traveling with other people, it’s ideal if you’d share a tent with someone so you can make room for more important things in your bags and you can travel lighter. It’s much better to sleep in a tent that’s good for four people and decide who’s going to bring a small mattress, blankets, comforters, etc. Just plan it out on who’s gonna bring what.

Food/Water– For an overnight trip, bring meals that would last you for 2 days. You can just bring easy-open canned goods for convenience. Also, bring a few sweets to give you energy while hiking. When it comes to water, 4 liters is enough for two people and if you’re not too picky, you can bring just 1 liter and refill it along the way with the nearby springs in the area.

Clothes-Bring clothes good for two days and if possible, choose the ones that would really cover up your body. Wear thick gloves, long-sleeved shirts, long comfy pants, and trek sandals, trek shoes(or any shoes with good traction) during your hikes because there are going to be a lot of situations where you’ll be on your knees/bum. Also bring a jacket, sweatpants, scarf, long socks, and anything that would keep you warm at night because the temperature really drops at night. Bringing a pair of flip flops is also a good idea especially if you’re on your way home. It’s nice to get out of those smelly shoes and give your feet some air.

Other Important Stuff To Bring– Once you’ve covered that basics, there are also a few things that you might need along the way. For the whole group, it’s best if you bring a knife, one small pot for cooking and heating water, paper plates, paper cups, and sporks. Also, bring a flashlight and a first aid kit with you. Again, just decide on who’s gonna bring what so each of you won’t have to bring the same thing twice. Individually, bring some stuff for personal hygiene but take note that you won’t be able to take showers during the trek. You can do that once you returned to the town at the Brgy.Captain’s house.

Important Reminders

-Hiking up is easy but going down can be hard so if you have to get down on your bum, do it so you won’t lose your balance. It’s also better if you’d widen your stance and slide your feet diagonally as you go down. In that way, your body would have more stability and with your feet positioned diagonally, it would cover more area for traction.

-Hydrate every ten minutes by taking small sips. Don’t wait for your body to feel thirsty because you’re already dehydrated by that time.

-When hiking, give enough room for yourself and others. It’s best to have momentum as you climb up or down. And don’t look down if you’re afraid of heights because it will also affect your balance.

-Eat breakfast! Just do it because it really changes everything. Rest if you are really feeling tired, especially if you’re not really used to long hikes.

I didn’t really have the chance to bring and do everything that I said on the list but I wish I did. Basically, you just gotta learn things through experience or from the experience of others. Well, I hope you kind learn something from it. ‘Til next time.



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