Here’s How ShopBack Changed My Perspective On Travel

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To be honest, I’m not really the type of person who shops online for hotel accommodations and travel tours. I’m more of a DIY guy who loves to organize trips on my own, contact local services directly, and get the cheapest and best travel deals for myself.

I love almost everything that’s DIY from building my own website to making my own ice cream. Quite a wide range huh? But yes, I like to work independently from complicated tasks to simple ones.

Anyways, I feel a different kind of accomplishment when I get things done on my own, especially in travel. Just kidding! I’m just broke and I find DIY travel cheaper. I can’t really afford those fancy hotels and luxurious tours that most businesses offer. You can check out some my previous travel blogs for proof.

However, it all changed when came into my life. It was like a beam of light that came down from the heavens and ready to shine down on my bank account. 

But seriously, I haven’t heard of it really until a friend told me and was like, “You should check ShopBack out, they offer travel deals, discounts, cash backs, and so much more.” He was pretty convincing though and had that salesman tone in him.

So yeah, I checked it out and it was one of those times when you’re like, “Hmm..Okay, shut up and take my money!” But of course, not all of it since it’s not the way how ShopBack works. It’s more like this, “Shut up and take my money but give some of it back!”

Now, enough with the long introduction and let me tell how it actually works and how it changed my perspective when it comes to travel.

How It Works!

Getting Cash Back Through Online Shopping

Online shopping is the trend these days whether it’s for clothes, gadgets or hotel accommodations. But let’s talk about hotels for a minute okay? Hotel booking services make everything easy for travelers because they have a huge database of hotels from every corner of the globe.

Basically, customers can just go to one website, key in a location, and BAM! You’ll get a list of all the hotels located in that specific area. These affiliates get their commissions and the hotels get their bookings so it becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

But is it really? Hmm…The way I see it is that these businesses are the only ones getting the fare share of the pie. And just like you, I want my slice of pie!

See, that’s where ShopBack comes into play because they give out cash backs for customers like us whenever we shop through their platform. You can get discounted products or the best travel deals out there! Who knew that you could actually save a lot of money booking online?

For example, if you book a hotel with using the ShopBack website, you can get up to 9% cash back. Here’s a video on how a guy saved a lot of money using the service when he traveled to Taiwan.

Best Travel Deals And Coupon Codes

As you can see, ShopBack works with other companies too so you can save more money and get the best travel deals. You can get 1% cashback when you book your flights with AirAsiaZest or a 0.5% cashback when you book with Philippine Airlines if you use the ShopBack website.

In fact, just try to visit the site once in a while and you might get more discounts, coupon codes, deals and other available info on AirAsia Zest promos or the latest Philippine Airlines promos.

If you’re currently planning a vacation but don’t know where to go, how about checking a few of ShopBack’s travel deals and you might just find the best offers for travel.

So these are my few cents on how ShopBack changed the game of traveling, particularly with the way I will be traveling in the future. If you’re still confused about ShopBack after my lengthy post, here’s a 90-second video explaining how it works. I guess I should have given the link earlier to save you 5 minutes.Lol

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